2018 Annual Report

Better portfolios. Building better futures.

BlackRock’s purpose is to help more and more people achieve financial well-being and our employees work each day in pursuit of that goal.

“The fact that BlackRock offers the most complete set of investment strategies alongside leading portfolio construction technologies means that I can truly be a fiduciary and focus on what my wealth clients need.

This lets me become my clients’ partner, rather than just a product provider, and makes it easier to focus on providing portfolio solutions that best address their concerns.

Within wealth management, the biggest challenge I see is keeping people invested, particularly when markets are volatile. That’s why we’ve designed products, such as the iShares minimum volatility suite, and portfolio construction tools, such as those embedded in our Advisor Center like the Factor Box, to address our clients’ biggest worries and help them stay invested and focused on long-term outcomes.

The work I’m doing in iShares is about democratizing access so that everyone can be invested in the markets in an affordable way. When people use iShares in their portfolios, less of their money goes toward fees, which gives them better returns and makes their long-term goals more achievable.”

- Holly, iShares Product Strategist

“Every conversation I have with my clients starts with the goal of understanding what they are looking to achieve and how much risk they are comfortable taking. Because the assets we’re entrusted with represent people’s livelihoods.

I have confidence, going into every client conversation, that we at BlackRock can provide a solution. We aren’t pigeon-holed to a specific asset class, investment style or region when constructing portfolios. And as clients’ needs and priorities change, we’re able to pivot with them. We can move across the risk/return spectrum — from index strategies to customized alternative solutions — add sustainability considerations, or act as the outsourced chief investment officer, managing the full scope of investment needs.

Aladdin is what enables me to tailor each client’s portfolio to their unique needs and circumstances — because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to portfolio construction. I can use Aladdin to show clients the risk in their portfolios, and what the upside or downside is under different stress scenarios. With this understanding, we can come to clients with suitable solutions and help them make more informed decisions.

Everyone at BlackRock is working toward the same goal every day: to help clients achieve their goals. Because we’re all committed to one mission, I’m able to harness all the resources across BlackRock to build better portfolios with my clients.”

- Nikhil, Institutional Client Relationship Manager

BlackRock has developed the most comprehensive investment and technology platform so we can build better portfolios that help more people build better futures.
Better choices.
Expanding client options.
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Better technology.
Leading the digitization of 
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Letter to our shareholders

As I reflected on the last year, something felt different about 2018.

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