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Board Diversity at BlackRock

BlackRock’s Board of Directors believes diversity on the Board is critical to the success of BlackRock and the company’s ability to create long-term value for its shareholders. The Board has and will continue to make diversity in gender, race and ethnicity, age, career experience, and geographic location – as well as diversity of mind – a priority when considering Director candidates. The diverse backgrounds of our individual Directors help the Board as a whole better evaluate BlackRock’s management and operations, and assess risk and opportunities for the company’s business model. This diversity has enhanced Board involvement in our company’s multi-faceted long-term strategy and inspired deeper engagement with management, employees and clients around the world.

Our current Board consists of 16 members, 14 of whom are independent. The Board includes five women, one of whom is African American, and six Directors who are non-U.S. or dual citizens. Several of our Board members were born and/or live and work overseas in countries and regions that are key areas of growth and investment for the company, including Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe and the Middle East. In our upcoming proxy statement for our 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders, we will expand on our existing disclosure to include additional information regarding the racial and ethnic makeup of our Board.

As BlackRock’s businesses have evolved, so has its Board of Directors. Today, our Board consists of senior leaders (including 12 current or former company CEOs) with deep experience in the financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, technology, banking, energy and real estate sectors, and several Directors have held senior policy and government positions. In addition, six new directors have joined our Board and eight longer-tenured directors have departed from our Board in the past five years.

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